Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Just say NO!

Lebanon, Ohio 0 comments
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Timmy pulled down my drive late in the day (8/11/16) here in southwest Ohio and started his spiel of just how good my driveway would look after he was done. Said he would fill all the cracks and it would look as good as new. Despite alarm bells saying he was a Gypsy Traveler I said OK after a brief inspection of his well used equipment and smell of asphalt sealer and not hot used motor oil used by many of these *** artist. He and his truck were well coated.

Before I returned to the house he donned a leaf blower and was blowing down the driveway. The sound of the blower stopped what I thought was too quick but was distracted by the phone before I could check. Once I returned he was spraying the sealer. Still very busy I paid him and felt a little more at ease as he went about a making out a receipt.

I did not get a chance to inspect his work for several hours because I had to work at keeping my dog off the fresh sealer. I noticed what seemed to be globs of sealer in front of my garage doors and tied the dog off in inspect. What I found was exactly that - globs of sealer he had dug from the bottom of his tank to place in a few cracks. I grabbed a push broom and a squeeze I had leftover from a previous job and did my best to spread the hardening globs into cracks and even out the surface. He had made no attempt to fill the majority of the cracks.

The next day I noticed the overspray on the garage doors and sidewalk. He made no effort to mask off doors, siding or concrete.

He had only used a leaf blower to remove leaves etc. while I was watching. He only did the area in front of the garage. The rest of the 300 foot driveway still had leaves and berries from a nearby miniature cherry tree. He never used the *** eater in his truck to trim back areas where the grass had over grown the edges of the asphalt nor where grass was evident in cracks. He just sprayed over it all. Pick off a leaf and a bare spot is underneath.

The only plus for my $500 dollar outlay was that he did use sealer. Perhaps well diluted but sealer non the less. After a couple of hard rains the driveway is still black.

If Timmy shows in your driveway say no or insist that he use the string trimmer and leaf blower to prepare the driveway. The best people hose off the driveway and trim before they start. They will also mask off any areas that splatter would detract or mar the surface. Mr. Young does little if any prep work. Best bet would be to just say no and cough up the money to have it done right.

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Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Driveway Seal Coating Only

Benton, Arkansas 1 comment
Not resolved

Timmy Young has changed name and phone number. (903) 556-5212.

He came to my house on Monday and wanted to seal driveway. I did not want a black driveway. Driveway is concrete. I told him I had other concrete work to do,and was talking with a contractor.

He left but returned on Wednesday.He spent 30-45 minutes telling my wife and I how good it would look and it would have a cement look. He went on about how it would save me money, from replacing the slab. I had wanted to seal the cracks,as driveway slab was overall good. I told him about 6-7 times in our conversations,I did not want a blacktop looking driveway.

He kept assuring me it would look like a concrete slab. He said he was honest and looked after older people. We are in our late seventy's. Finally agreed to let him do patio and driveway.

He sprayed compound,and it was wet,and black. He said it would take 3 hr's to dry. He was to return next day and put on 2nd coat with color. Has not returned,and have talked to him on phone 6 times.

He has had a excuse everyday, Wife to Dr.,Machine has a leak,he is getting fixed,etc. I made several mistakes.partially filled out his little contract with my name,address etc. He was working and ask me to fill out and sign so he could do job.When he finished he filled out rest of contract,and added words to make it look like he was through. 2nd mistake,I paid him $675,paid in full.

He said he needed to be paid to buy the color mixture etc. He went straight to my bank and cashed check .About an hr after he left,I realized my mistake,because it was something I had never done. Went to bank next day to stop check,but he had already cashed it. Called him,and got answering machine.

Called 4 times before i got him. He said his wife had a Dr Appointment he didn't know about,so he would be over next day.(Friday). He never showed or called. When we called him,he said his machine was leaking,and he would have it fixed and be there Saturday.

This guy is a silver tongue talker. He talks fast and makes all kind of promises. He prays on older people,and women. I am looking to see if our county District attorney can do something.

I was beginning to suspect a scam,but my daughter Googled his name and found all kinds of complaints,with BBB. I am not a Facebook person,but sure would like those that are,spread the word on this creep.

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Please contact me as he screwed my out of his job, please call me at 580 236 2768 or my uncle at 580 212 8906 thank you very much!!!!!

Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Simple Review #1452828966

Not resolved

Timmy young came to my house here in Mt.Pleasant on Jan. 12th and convinced my husband to have the sealant on our drive way just like all the other people and he promised to fix several things as well.

I called him and when he finally answered he was very loud and very rude.

He has yet to come and finish what he said he would. What can we do to stop this crook.

Review about: Timmy Young Asphalt Paving Sealing Driveway Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Timmy young the *** artist

Scroggins, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

Timmy Young is now going by Timmy Young Driveway Seal Coating.

I could tell this guy was a *** artist about 30 seconds in to our first conversation. I was really wanting some repair work done, so I fell for his ***.

We discussed some asphalt repair and sealing my driveway. He was really pushing to get me to do the sealer on the spot. I told him the neighbors had problems in the past with people in the asphalt business showing up and never completing their jobs nor doing what they said they were going to do and I wanted the entire job done before I paid him. He showed up two days later and I let him proceed with the sealing job. I asked him if it would be better to do the asphalt repair before he sealed and he said he would reseal and touch up after he did the repairs the next day or the following day.

He started blowing my driveway off and I grabbed my blower to help. There were a number of areas that had sand/mud built up. I started scrapping one area that was about 6'x6' to get rid of the sand and mud. He told me that wasn't necessary. I told him it would just come right off if we didn't clean it up, to which he responded, "You trying to tell me how to do my job." (Note: this guy has been practicing his BS responses for a long time and is good at "working you"). I knew the asphalt needed to be cleaned thoroughly before applying a sealant and I should have told him to hit the road right them.

I have a large driveway and could tell he had run out of sealant before he was done. Near the end he was just spraying a light coat trying to make it look sprayed. He finally completely ran out before finishing. I should have paid him half the agreed amount and told him I would pay the rest when he finished. Looking back now I should not have paid him a dime. All the areas he sprayed over sand and caked dirt blew off when I was blowing leaves 4 days later. My driveway just looks like a splotchy mess now.

Needless to say he never showed back up. I've tried to call him 5 times and left messages with no return phone calls.

He's nothing but a ripoff artist. If you ever have someone sealing your driveway and they don't thoroughly clean it before doing so, they are ripping you off.

The entire job took about an hour with about 20 minutes spent blowing the driveway.

Timmy Young is a fast talker and a total liar. I've been ripped off very few times in my life, but he got me for $575. What a total waste of money! At least I didn't pay him the $875 which was the total job including patch repair.

I also wonder if the stuff he is spraying is actually an asphalt sealant. I wouldn't be surprised if it's some home brewed concoction that just makes you driveway look black - either that or he might be watering it down.

His current phone number is 903-556-5212.

Note: the photo shows one area where the sealant just blew away when I was blowing leaves 4 days later. Like I said, you can't seal asphalt over dirt. The "expert" Timmy disagrees.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "total ripoff" of timmy young asphalt paving asphalt paving service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $575. Timmy Young Asphalt Paving needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Can I talk to you about this?

Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Simple Review #1429201673

Arkansas, United States 0 comments

Thank you so much for the review... It helped me send Timmy on his way without doing business with him.

I have his new number if you need it.

He's in Hot Springs, Arkansas today. He had a teenager with him today.

Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Faye

1 comment

On the evening of May 9th "Timmy" drove up in our drive and asked my husband if he wanted the cracks sealed in our concrete drive (we have many cracks in an older section of our drive). "Timmy said he could do it for $575.00 - my husband called me at work and I said "No" - then "Timmy" said he would do it for $375.00 and again I said "No" then my husband agreed to $300.00 but I would only agree to $250.00.

"Timmy removed all of the grass and then put tar in the cracks and said he would be back when it dried to finish the job. My husband gave him a check for $250.00 - "Timmy" took the check straight to our bank and cashed it. "Timmy" has not been back yet to finish the job!

I have left him 3 messages and my husband has left him a couple also. He will not return our calls and still has not finished the job

Review about: Driveway Sealing.

Monetary Loss: $250.



He is in OHIO now! His Tag number is TIC3275 his phone number now is 903-556-5212

Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Timmy took money and never came back

Tyler, Texas 4 comments

Timmy Young came to my house and painted my driveway black. He had me pay in full (1,000)and sign the contract.

He packed up all his tools. He said he had to go get the materials to lay on the driveway. I waited for him to come back that afternoon and finish the job. Timmy Young was a NO SHOW.

He never came back. I called the company's number but its now disconnected. I then searched his company on the web and came across this webpage.

Please DO NOT hire this person for a job. Timmy Young is a FAKE company.

Review about: Paving And Asphalt Repair And Sealing.

Monetary Loss: $1000.



He ripped off an elderly couple in Clark County Arkansas today

Texarkana, Texas, United States #1009793

Does anyone have any idea where he lives? If so please send me an E-mail at n5itn@windstream.net. Thanks.

to Anonymous #1163354

His Address is 2605 Hastings Crossing Rd.

Texarkana,Ar. 71854

Cell Phone: (903) 556-5212

Doing business as Driveway Seal Coating


He is in OHIO now and his tag # is TIC3275 phone number is 903-556-5212!!

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Timmy Young Asphalt Paving - Very bad asphalt sealing

Minneapolis, Minnesota 2 comments

Timmy Young asphalt paving is the company name. This person came to my house to seal my driveway.

The seal he did was *** it is already washing away. He also promised to return and reseal it again and he never did. I have made several attemps to contact him. I left many messages.

The number is no longer in service, go figure. DO NOT Hire this person ever. his name is Timmy Young asphalt paving. There are currently 7 reports to better busness bureau on this guy.

including myself. He is currently working the Maplegrove and Rogers Minnesota area but I am sure will move.

Review about: Driveway Sealing.

Monetary Loss: $500.



Timmy Young was in Clark County Arkansas today


He in OHIO now. His tag # is TIC3275 and his phone # is 903-556-5212!!!!

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